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What will you do :

Thank you for your experience in the underwater vision of our Acquavision trimaran! You will see the Zingaro Nature Reserve where you will immerse yourself in its clear blue waters and swim among the wonderful Faraglioni of the Tonnara di Scopello, only as Acquavision can offer!

What are you looking for:

The adventure starts from Castellammare del Golfo - visit of the -Vucciria- cave and of -Grotta delle Colombe- with spectacular depths, which can only be seen with Acquavision! - Tonnara of Scopello for the first stop in the bath, with its spectacular Faraglioni that frame a breathtaking landscape! - Reserve of the Zingaro, where you will have the chance to see it in all its beauty, with its wild nature and its coves all different from each other; in the last of these, called -Cala Uzzo- will be made the second bathroom stop - Cala Bianca-, less known than the others, but very beautiful and full of surprises; Even there we will stop to take a last swim and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us for a few moments. The boys of our crew will explain you every corner of our coast step by step and will be at your complete disposal, ready to answer your questions. and to your every need. Along the way of the return we will also let you discover our splendid coast. On board you will find water, coffee and fresh fruit in season as well as music and a lot of sympathy!