Our Faq

How is Triscovery born?

Triscovery is a young and ambitious nationwide project that aims to make tourist and experiential facilities and services closer to the digital world thanks to a marketplace that makes the discovery of the territory easy, fast and pleasant.

What kind of activity can I upload?
Why should I register my experiences?
Why should I register my experiences on Triscovery?
How much does the Triscovery service cost?
How much do you hold on each single booking?
What is included in the 18% + vat that the Marketplace holds?
How does payment work?
After how many days does the payment take place?
How many experiences can I create and upload with my account?
How does the Experience set up process work?
What happens when the customer books?
Can I change availability for a single day?
Can I put a higher price than the one normally used?
How does the cancellation system work?
Can I cancel a booking?
How do I start?
Can I upload experiences and receive bookings without sending my documents?
Why should I upload the requested documents?
I have more questions, how can I contact you?