Elaphite Islands - Croatia

Elaphite Islands - Croatia

The Elaphite Islands, which in Greek means the Deer Islands, are linked to the history of the Republic of Dubrovnik. The archipelago consists of 5 islands and is easily reachable from the port of Gruz (about 2 hours of navigation).

Kolocep, also known as Kalamota, is the favorite island for excursions as it offers historic pine forests, gardens with olive and orange trees as well as houses and historic buildings such as small churches, basilicas and towers. The colors that characterize the island have been a source of inspiration for numerous artists and painters, think of Ivan Ugarinovic from the fifteenth century and his school of painting.

Jakljan or Isola Liciniana, is uninhabited. Historically it was the island where the massacre of about 200 Croatian and German prisoners took place during the Partisans' war of 1945.

Lopud is recognized at the tourism level for the Franciscan convent built around 1483 with the church of S. Maria di Spilica, inside it is possible to observe unique works of art such as the paintings of Bas-sana, the polyptych by Pietro da Giovanni, the triptych by Nikola Bozidarevic and other Flemish artists.

Sipan is the largest island of the archipelago and is full of beaches, orange trees, lemons and cypresses. The connections with Dubronivik are numerous and with convenient hours.

Olipa is located to the south and is bordering the peninsula of Sabbioncello, the island is mainly rocky and covered with woods. The only peculiarity is the stone lighthouse on the southern coast, used by sailors to trace the routes of the False and Deception Buccas.

As for Dubrovnik (Ragusa) is a city overlooking the blue and transparent sea, full of white stone buildings. The streets maintain the charm of ancient times and the rhythm of life flows slowly, surrounded by the sound of seagulls. The cost of living is cheap and the best solution to discover the neighboring islands is the choice of a daily mini-cruise with lunch of fish directly on board :)