Tuna traps and their importance

Tuna traps and their importance

The European Union in the latest periodical publications of its study centers, has highlighted the theme of the coastal economy, composed of all those operators that works around maritime tourism, sea transport and fishing industry.

Many countries are trying to boost the coastal economy that contributes to the development of the Blue Economy, which generates over € 480 billion of added value, employs over 5 million jobs and shows annual growth rates of around 7%.

The foresight of some companies in the sector, assisted by local public bodies, seems to be moving in the right direction, to restore tuna fishing in the Egadi Islands archipelago.

The exploitation of a thousand-year-old practice such as that of bluefin tuna fishing allows the development of a synergy between fishing and tourism.

The former Florio plant in the Favignana Island is the symbol of the ancient traditions of the tuna fishery, started since the times of Homer, continued with the Byzantines and the Arabs and today at the center of an important operation to revive the territory both in tourist and artisan key.

The tonnara of Favignana was bought in 1874 together with the Egadi Islands by the Florio family and they represent one of the main fishing systems Thunnus Thynnus, or fixed tuna. These are systems installed at sea in the months of April and June, subjected today to the regulation of quotas and authorized by the ministry. Through a network of rooms, the tuna are merged towards the final collection point and during the transfers inside the rooms are subjected to checks by international inspectors through underwater video shootings.

In addition to the tonnara of the Egadi Islands, in Sicily there are other 65 fixed tuna, 18 in the province of Trapani, 16 in Palermo, 4 in Agrigento, 2 in the province of Ragusa, 12 between Messina and Syracuse and one in Caltanissetta.

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