Tremiti Islands to be discovered

Tremiti Islands to be discovered

The archipelago of the Tremiti islands is located about 20km north of the Gargano and about 40km east of Termoli, the main island is St. Nicholas and is one of the tourist attractions not to be missed if you plan to go on holiday along the Adriatic .


Historically this archipelago has served as a place of exile for those who were removed by the Roman emperors, but not only this as witnessed by the Abbey of Santa Maria built by the Benedictines during the ninth century which has become a real center of economic growth and politics.


The Tremiti Islands are internationally recognized for the quality of its bathing water, so much so that they are identified as a Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Beyond the island of San Nicola, there are 6 other islands:

- San Domino, the largest and most crowded, with tourist facilities and beach (Cala delle Arene)

- Capraia, Pianosa, Cretaccio and La Vecchia.

The best time to spend the holiday is from June to September, with warm temperatures and calm seas.


The Tremiti can be reached by ferries and hydrofoils departing from Termoli, Vieste or Rodi. The routes are managed by the shipping company such as Tirrenia or NLG.


To capture the beauty of the island of San Domino it is essential to circumnavigate the island by boat, so you can see the Grotta del Bue Marino (about 70m long), the Grotta delle Viole (named after the color of the algae that colonize the walls), the Cave of the Crocodile and the Scoglio dell'Elefante and finally the Pagliai. All these destinations can only be reached by equipped boats.


Small uninhabited island where the landing is not allowed. The boat trips, however, approach the coast to allow you to observe the statue of Padre Pio immersed in the seabed.


The name of the island suggests its maximum height of 15m and the fact that during the major storms it is almost submerged by the waves. It is a protected reserve, so within a radius of 500m several prohibitions are in force (navigation, fishing and diving). Only authorized guides can dive.