Why start a cruise in the Mediterranean?

Why start a cruise in the Mediterranean?

It is not necessary to go to the other end of the world to experience an unforgettable maritime cruise and discover exceptional destinations. The Mediterranean is a region of choice. Departing from Italian ports such as Venice or Civitavecchia - Rome, cruises in the Mediterranean are full of surprises.

Diversified landscapes

Get on board the MSC Meraviglia to appreciate the diversity of Mediterranean landscapes. Inaugurated in 2017, this ship is one of the most modern of MSC Cruises. With a capacity of over 5700 passengers, this ship was the largest in Europe in 2017, when it was launched. In addition to its elegant exterior cabins, it has many other areas where you can admire the surrounding landscape.

In the western Mediterranean, Spain, France and Italy are destinations that offer magnificent landscapes. The pristine beaches of the east coast of Spain, including those on the Costa Blanca and the Costa Brava, as well as the volcanic islands of the Balearic Islands seduce with their beauty and authenticity. In France, the Cote d'Azur with its fabulous Estérel Massif is a region of extraordinary beauty. On the Italian coast, the Amalfi Coast and the centuries-old villages of the Cinque Terre, as well as the impressive steep landscapes of Sicily and Sardinia, are an invitation to travel. In the eastern Mediterranean, the landscapes of the Greek coast and its many enchanting islands, the landscapes of the Turkish coasts and those of the Tunisian coast are particularly beautiful.

A sunny climate all year round and a calm sea

The Mediterranean is therefore a destination chosen to enjoy the sun. It has a unique climate, much appreciated by lovers of relaxation and lovers of water sports. An always sunny climate, characterized by hot summers and pleasantly mild winters. Precipitation is scarce, since in this region of the world it does not rain more than 100 times a year. Most of the year, the sea is calm.

More ports of departure

Many cruise lines offer cruises in the Mediterranean from different Italian ports, including Palermo, Venice or Civitavecchia - Rome. From Palermo, some Mediterranean cruises can last up to 11 days and include stops in Cefalù, Lipari, Capri, Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, Ponza, Porto Ercole, Elba and Nizza. For cruises departing from Venice, some companies offer trips of 4 days and 3 nights. But there are also longer cruises (8 days). For those who choose to start their cruise from Civitavecchia - Rome, various itineraries are proposed. For example, a 13-day itinerary may include stops in Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Valletta, Heraklion, Rhodes, Athens and Corfu.

A large variety of cultural destinations

A stop in Alessandria allows you to discover one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt, the catacombs of Kom-el-Chouqafa dating back to the Roman period. The stops of Portoferraio and Ajaccio follow the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte. At Portoferraio, discover Villa Napoleonica, the house where he lived during his exile on the Island of Elba. In Ajaccio, on the island of Corsica, the Bonaparte House Museum is the place where the first emperor of the French was born in 1769. A stop in Valletta will be an opportunity to discover a city with a rich built heritage. The capital of the Maltese archipelago houses an exceptional number of buildings built between the 13th and 18th centuries, including the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Cathedral of San Giovanni, which date back to the 16th century.